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Introduction - What is HTML, What it can do, what you'll need, etc. The Basics - First steps in HTML. Moving On - Further concepts. Advanced - More advanced ways to use HTML. Glossary - Explanation of terms used in this site HTML Tag and attribute reference - look up the most popular tags and their common attributes for reference
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  Welcome to Beginning HTML, a tutorial site I've put together for anyone new to HTML who'd like to learn this language.
The tutorials are divided into four sections -
  • Introduction, in which we take a look at what HTML is, what it can do, and what you'll need to make your own HTML pages;
  • The Basics, where you'll learn some of the most basic HTML tags in order to begin making your own pages,
  • Moving On, where you'll take your new skills and add to them further knowledge of the language, and
  • Advanced, in which we'll take a look at some further concepts, including search engine submission.
I've also included two sections for your reference - Glossary, in which you'll find explanations of terms used in this site, along with some relevant file extensions and their meanings; and Reference, which is a concise list of the most common HTML 'tags' and their attributes.

I taught myself HTML and other languages with the help of tutorials available on the internet, and I hope that you can use this site to gain knowledge and confidence in this language. Have fun!

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Introduction - The Basics - Moving On - Advanced - Glossary - Reference

This is the new home of Andy Killworth's excellent html tutorial. Please note the address at the top no longer works. All credit for this tutorial goes to Andy Killworth, html extraordinaire!