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Introduction - What is HTML, What it can do, what you'll need, etc. The Basics - First steps in HTML. Moving On - Further concepts. Advanced - More advanced ways to use HTML. Glossary - Explanation of terms used in this site HTML Tag and attribute reference - look up the most popular tags and their common attributes for reference
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Square What is HTML?
Square What can it do?
Square What do I need?
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  This course is aimed at beginners, or people completely new to HTML. The aim is to deliver a concise course from which to derive a basic grounding in HTML.
The course doesn't intend to teach the 'ins and outs' of the entire language, but more as a way of learning the basics. You can navigate the site by working through each section sequentially, or by skipping to a section you find interesting.

We'll be looking at subjects including -
  • What are tags and attributes?
  • Formatting our text
  • Changing the color and appearance of text
  • Including comments in our code
  • Changing the background of the page
  • Using images
  • Using links
  • Using lists
  • Using tables
  • Using forms
  • Using frames
  • META tags
  • Search engines
  • Publishing your work
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Introduction - The Basics - Moving On - Advanced - Glossary - Reference