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Free webhosts
Uploading to a free webhost
Paid web-hosting
Uploading to a paid webhost - FTP

Now that you're able to write HTML pages, you might want other people to be able to see your work, rather than just storing the pages on your hard-drive. To do this, you'll need to upload them to a server, to make them available for people to see on the internet.
Free webhosts

A popular way to get your work online is to use one of the many free services available to host your pages. Hosting means that the files are stored on their computer/server. There are many free hosts available, but be aware that there are two disadvantages to this option -
  1. They will most likely be some kind of advertisement - perhaps a popup window or 'banner' ad on each page.
  2. You will not have a very memorable URL, as it will be a subset of the company's domain name, e.g.
Some free web-hosts are -
Free webhosts

Most free webhosts let you upload your work very easily, using just your web-browser. Once you have signed up for your account, you will be able to login and access the file manager. From there it's usually just a matter of pressing a button marked 'Browse' or 'Upload' and then letting the files upload. Remember than index.html should be the first, or default page, so that if the URL of your site is", it will point to the index page.
Paid webhosts

Nowadays, it's reasonably cheap to pay for your own domain name and webhosting. There are so many companies providing these services that it's hard to say what price you should be looking at. There are different deals available depending how much space you need, how much bandwidth you'll use (how busy your pages will be) and so on. It's not uncommon to find a deal around £5 per month, and a domain name for around £10. It's well worth shopping around for a deal that suits you - don't just go with the first one you see!
Uploading to a paid webhost

When you pay a webhost to host your site, you will be given a username and password. Using this you can usually login to a 'control panel' from which you can view your sites statistics, change settings, install CGI scripts, etc.
Usually to upload your files you will need FTP software, such as Cute FTP.
You will be given the FTP information when you create your account. Usually you need to enter the host name of the place your files are stored at (e.g., your username and password. When the FTP program connects, you will typically see the files of your site on one side of the screen, and the files of your hard-drive on the other.
With a program like Cute FTP, it's just a matter of dragging the files you wish to copy/upload to your site from one window to another. The files can then be viewed by anyone else on the internet.

Just time now to move on to a quick conclusion to this course...

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